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About Education on Safari: Veterinary Continuing Education in Africa

Education on Safari, LLC was founded with the mission of providing exciting and adventurous tours, concurrent with quality and cutting edge continuing education. We specialize in trips to East Africa with small numbers of participants. The small group size allows personalized CE where participants are encouraged to bring questions or cases they would like to discuss with the specialists. The continuing education portion of our tours is spread throughout the trip.

Founder & Owner Veterinarian Rose McMurphy

The founder and owner of Education on Safari, Rose McMurphy, is a veterinarian with a serious addiction to international travel, especially to East Africa. Her particular interest in Tanzania began with a trip in 2009 to northern Tanzania, soon followed by another 10 adventures to this beautiful country, including two educational tours with veterinary students from Kansas State University.

Experienced Guide & Principal Partner George Mbwambo

The other principal member of Education on Safari is the head guide, George Mbwambo. George was there for the first trip in 2009 and every trip thereafter, including those with veterinary students. His skill at spotting animals at an unbelievable distance and his easy-going personality make him the perfect guide. He has 20 years of experience guiding in Tanzania and the relationships he has formed with other guides, camps and lodges make him the perfect partner.


Upcoming Tour

September 30 - October 11, 2018 – Tanzania

Dr. Mary Lynn Higginbotham, DACVIM (Oncology)

On the Wildlife of Tanzania tour, you will spend 11 nights in the beautiful country of Tanzania with your own private guides.

Highlights of the trip include witnessing the wildebeest migration in the northern Serengeti; lions of the central Serengeti; the UNESCO World Heritage site at Ngorongoro Crater; and Tarangire National Park, which has one of the highest concentration of elephants in East Africa.

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